Testimonial - Glenn Thompson - Stairlift Solutions Northern Ireland
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Testimonial - Glenn Thompson

I recently had cause to procure urgently a stairlift for my elderly mother who was being discharged from hospital following surgery to repair her fractured neck of femur. There was little prior notice of her return home and no provision from occupational therapy experts for a stair lift. After some preliminary research on the internet I was advised to approach Stairlift Solutions.” I did so first thing on the morning of 10 January 2008 and spoke to the owner, Ken Wallace. We discussed the resolution of my difficulty and agreed on the arrangements for the installation of a stair lift in my mother’s house the following day. We finalised the cost but as I was going away on business Ken said we could sort out the paperwork at the beginning of the following week. The lift was installed as agreed on 11 January and this enabled my mother to return home at the start of the following week. In conclusion I can thoroughly and unreservedly recommend Stairlift Solutions to anyone needing their services. Their customer service and value for money are second to none. They have a pride in doing a good job and overall they understand the pressures that can arise in the situation I found myself in.

Glenn Thompson – Ballyhalbert