Testimonial - Liz McMonagle - Stairlift Solutions Northern Ireland
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Testimonial - Liz McMonagle

I have had the pleasure of using the services of Stairlift Solutions for almost five years now; having been attracted to them by the fact that they were a locally operated company who could meet family’s needs. Initially they provided a stairlift for use by my late father and are currently supplying one for use by my mother. In all that time I have always been very impressed with Ken and Michael. They are unfailingly courteous, professional, friendly and approachable; displaying a knowledge and expertise which inspires confidence in their ability to deliver a first-class service and goods at a reasonable and competitive price. In addition I have always found them to be sympathetic to, and fully understanding of, the very special needs of their customers; demonstrating a willingness to work with their customer to the mutual satisfaction of both. They also provide an excellent after sales service – any servicing requests are carried out within a reasonable time frame. In conclusion I would like to say that my family has never regretted using the products and services of Stairlift Solutions and would have no hesitation in recommending Ken and Michael to anyone needing to look at access issues in the home.

Liz McMonagle – L’Derry