i3 Folding Scooter

i3 Folding Scooter

Price: £2395.00
This is the exciting NEW lightweight mobility scooter called the i3. It’s an excellent choice for people who wish to continue living an active lifestyle. Made from lightweight, yet robust aluminium, this compact scooter is perfect for use on public transport including car, bus, aeroplane, train, and cruise ship. A single lithium battery will provide a travel distance of up to 6 miles, with the option of a second battery, which can be used to double the distance. You can change between batteries with a flick of a switch. It only takes a matter of seconds to fold the i3 ready for storage and is probably the only folding scooter that gives you the option to purchase a wider seat. > 1-year warranty, FREE delivery, assembly and demonstration on ALL our folding scooters!
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