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Stairlifts Rentals & Leasing

At Stairlift Solutions, our team can help you find the right stairlift to rent short-term, whether that’s a straight or curved stairlift, based on your requirements.

For the straight stairlift option, you can choose to rent for 6 months or 12 months depending on what you need, with the added option to buy it out if required. A brand new Brooks Stairlift that is fully covered by warranty for parts and labour is always installed when renting a straight stairlift.

We can also provide the rental of a curved stairlift too which can be fitted at short notice if needs be.

To find out more information about our rental option for either straight or curved, then get in touch with us through our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Key Features

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If you would like to find out more information about stairlift rentals then please call us on 028 9188 2249 or use our website special offer form & receive £100 off ANY STAIRLIFT! If you’d like to find out more information about us, browse our About Us page & feel free to read our reviews & testimonials.

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