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Brooks Outdoor Stairlifts

  • Outdoor stairlift


External Stairs? Not a Problem!

Here at Stairlift Solutions we can provide an outdoor stairlift to help people get up and down an external straight flight of stairs. It’s a Brooks Stairlift and works exactly the same as an indoor version with all the same quality features but it is built using components specifically for outdoor use. The design of this stairlift protects against all the outdoor elements such as rain, snow, heat and light and also includes a durable plastic cover for extra protection. This is perfect for any external staircases including garden steps, porches or even in a garage. To find out more information on our outdoor stairlifts just simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ page and get in touch with us.

More details

  • Brooks stairlifts
  • Protected against all weather
  • Ideal for external stairs
  • Rain-proof cover
  • Safe and reliable
  • Full warranty cover