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Reconditioned Stairlifts

If one of our customers no longer needs their stairlift then we always try to help them as much as possible and unlike most other stairlift companies we can offer a few different options. Quite often we would buy them back, especially if the customer wanted a quick sale but sometimes we would take the stairlift out and put it into storage – free of charge – and then try to sell it on for whatever price the customer would like to get for it and this is where our reconditioned stairlifts come from. Our second hand stairlifts are usually Brooks or Acorn and they can range in price depending on their age, what condition they are in or if there is any warranty on them.

Various Second Hand Stairlifts Available

The cheapest ones are priced around £800, these are older second hand stairlifts with no warranty on them but the ones at the other end of the scale would be almost new and have a full 12 months warranty so these would usually sell for around £1400-£1500. Sometimes we would also have ex-rentals in stock that are often only a few weeks old and these would cost around £1600 so the prices do range greatly depending on what is required and also what is available.

Obviously we would fully service any stairlift before it is installed again which would include a full check over and test, making sure everything is working properly and replacing anything that isn’t and we would also thoroughly clean it too meaning that it’s fully reconditioned and ready to be installed. To find out what reconditioned stairlifts we have in stock then simply go to the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Rough Price Guide

£800   – Older Stairlift, No Warranty, Adequate Condition

£1000 – Older Stairlift, 6 Months Warranty, Fair Condition

£1200 – Newer Stairlift, 12 Months Warranty, Fair Condition

£1400 – Newer Stairlift, 12 Months Warranty, Good Condition

£1600 – Almost New Stairlift, 12 Months Warranty, Great Condition

***PLEASE NOTE*** We only offer this service for STRAIGHT stairlifts.

*Subject to availability.*

More details

  • Brooks or Acorn Stairlifts
  • Range in price
  • Fully serviced
  • Ex-rentals
  • Remote controlled
  • Safe and reliable